I am in covenant with God! In my bap-
tism God established His covenant with me.
It is His covenant with me. As He ap-
pointed the rainbow as a token to Noah and
all who came after him, that He would
nevermore destroy the world by a flood; and
as He appointed circumcision as the token
that He would be a God to all who accept
of this covenant seal; so He has appointed
holy Baptism as a sign and seal that He will
be a God to all who are baptized in His
name. By this token He knows me as His
child; and by virtue of this covenant He
will bless and keep me.

Yes, merciful, heavenly Father, all that
Thou hast promised to do for Thy baptized
children, Thou wilt surely do. What Thou
hast made Baptism, that it is to me; what it
signifies that Thou givest, by virtue of it.
Devoutly will I hear and believe what Thou
sayest in Thy holy word concerning it. “He
that believeth and is baptized, shall be
saved.” I am baptized, and I also believe.
Lord, help Thou mine unbelief. Increase
my faith. Thou hast confirmed Thy love to
me by Thy holy covenant; I also dedicate
myself to Thee by my vow.

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