Thou art my hope, Lord God: Thou art my trust from
my youth. — Ps. lxxi. 5.

Now I am a Catechumen. Thus far,
Lord Jesus, Thou hast brought me. If
Thou hadst not taught me from my youth,
and drawn me by Thy Holy Spirit, I would
not now have this desire of being further in-
structed by the Pastor of Thy Church. For
my willingness to be a Catechumen I am in-
debted to Thy grace, Thou my covenant
God, and Saviour!

In return for Thy love and mercy, I now
devote myself to Thee. Even now does my
grateful heart utter its solemn vow before
Thee. I will earnestly pray for wisdom; I
will devoutly study the lessons of faith; I
will attentively and devoutly listen to the
instructions of my Pastor. By the aid of
Thy Holy Spirit, I will withdraw my heart
from the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the
eye, and the pride of life.

Knowing the danger of evil company, I
will avoid all such companions as are not
pious, and who seek not to grow in grace
and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I
will associate only with the good. I will say
to the pious in the Church: Thy people shall
be my people, and thy God my God!

Daily will I read Thy most holy word.
Daily will I meditate on divine things.
Daily will I pray for the helps of Thy grace.
Get thee behind me, Satan. Withdraw
from me, vain and sinful world. Fly from
me, evil thoughts and unholy desires. I am
Thine, Father of mercies, and from this
time forward I will be still more entirely
Thine. Thou art my hope, Lord God:
Thou art my trust from my youth!

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