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Volume 1, Number 1………February 14, 1993

Welcome to "Signs", the weekly electronic Christian newsletter
devoted to to end times. Anyone wishing to submit articles to
"Signs" may do so electronically at 619-460-6398. I only ask
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Statement of purpose:

Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.
Matthew 24:42, New King James Version


    If the fig tree referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24:32-34 does
indeed represent Israel, as many claim, then this *IS* the generation
that will see the glorious return of our Lord. Israel was established
as a nation once again on May 15, 1948. And, if the fig tree DOES
represent Israel, then OUR generation will not pass away before all
these things ( end time signs ) are fulfilled. What a glorious hope
we have in THAT! Our Lord shall soon return. Much sooner than many
think, but not too soon for those of us who desire His kingdom to
come! I do not intend to get into date-setting here, but truly, how
long is a generation? The normal life span of an individual as
promised by the Lord? 70 years? We should be ever watchful NOW, for
His return could be nigh… can almost hear His footfalls as
He approaches!

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.
Matthew 24:12


    We only have to pick up the daily newspaper, or click on the
network news to see examples EVERYWHERE of the love of many growing
cold. Homeless people wander the streets of virtually every city and
town in America, and many, many, people do not look them in the eye,
or they turn away in disgust. This is but one example of love growing
cold, when we as human beings created in the image of God, cease to
even recognize the existence of one who is less fortunate than
ourself, much less, to actively treat that person as we would like to
be treated.
    Gang violence permeates our society these days to such an extent
that CHILDREN are killing one another in cold blood! Could anything
more represent the love of many growing cold than the fact that our
nation's children are being inundated with violence on such a scale
that many of our youth now take violence and hate as a NORMAL condition
of life?
    Love growing cold on a grand scale can also be found in the
staggering number of abortions routinely performed around the world.
Abortion is to the point now of being a method of birth control. Think
of it…..KILLING innocent babies is now an accepted practice in the
world. Certainly this Is love grown cold, when, even a BABY in the
womb is destined for the tomb, rather than welcoming, loving arms of
Godly parents.
    Virtually EVERYWHERE you look, hate and madness reign. The
proliferation of drugs into modern life has MILLIONS of human beings
going through their entire life with only one thought in mind: self-
gratification. The epitome of love grown cold can be found in the
hollow eyes of a drug addict.

And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.
Matthew 24:7


    Presently starvation is pandemic in the third world. Armenia,
Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and many other nations are currently in
the grip of famine on a horrific scale. Various nations that were
part of the Soviet Union stand at famine's door knocking, as does
Russia itself. In America, what was once a land with FEET of topsoil,
the depth of the topsoil has shrunk to mere inches. Canada's breadbasket
is in the same condition! More and more fertilizer needs to be used
every year to continue crop output. With world population approaching
six BILLION, how long before the gaunt face of famine begins to
spread world-wide?


    AIDS is on the increase in every single country in the world
with no cure in sight. Cholera and Tuberculosis are on the rise.
Each new flu season brings a different and NEW strain of influenza.
BABIES are now being born with AIDS! Lurking in the background is the
threat of toxic waste dumps fouling water supplies, radio-active waste
piling up year after year, strains of insects resistant to pesticides.
In large cities rats could very well outnumber the human population,
a fact that could lead to rapid spread of disease quite easily. The
heavily polluted air of major cities around the globe has led to
a dramatic increase in lung disorders and will, no doubt get worse,
if left unchecked.


    Earthquake activity has been on the rise during this century.
Currently the Philippines is experiencing an increase in volcanic
activity as well. Virtually every day, an earthquake greater than
"5" seems to be reported in the newspaper. Earthquake activity is
currently being reported from ALL parts of the globe….from Russia
to California tremblors happen with unsettling regularity. Japan
recently experienced a quake of 8.2 intensity! The past two years
has brought reports of earthquake activity in the central United States,
and, hardly a week goes by without a "major" earthquake happening
somewhere in the world!

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as
a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

    In the above passage, pay particular attention to the
word ALL, it occurs TWICE in the sentence. "….ALL the world….
ALL the nations…." The gospel of Jesus Christ is NOW being
preached in every nation of the world. The collapse of the Soviet
Union has allowed the good news to be preached in that region of
the world for the first time since the advent of Communism. Via
television, electronic media, radio, and by word of mouth, the
gospel is now in EVERY SINGLE country on the face of the Earth. The
Holy Bible has now been translated into over 1700 languages, which
represents virtually every known language of mankind.

This first issue of "Signs" is intended as a small overview of
a few things pointing to the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In future issues we will go into further detail. I hope to provide
you with a current perspective of our times, and, how they relate
to the return of our Lord. Take heed for He is coming soon. Repent,
accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, and confess Him publicly, for
the time grows short.

Your input is encouraged in "Signs". The "home" base of "Signs" is
*ToughToPiegonHole* BBS, located at 619-460-6398. All Scripture,
unless otherwise noted is from the New King James Version.

Until next issue may the Lord bless and keep YOU!
Jesus Christ *IS* Lord!


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