Spurgeon PS0508

Spurgeon PS0508


Now we come to the second part, in which the Psalmist repeats his arguments. and goes over the same ground again.

“_Lead me, O Lord_,” as a little child is led by its father, as a blind man is guided by his friend. It is safe and pleasant walking when God leads the way. “_In thy righteousness_,” not in _my_ righteousness, for that is imperfect, but in _thine_, for thou art righteousness itself. “_Make thy way_,” not _my_ way, “_straight before my face_.” Brethren, when we have learned to give up our own way, and long to walk in God’s way, it is a happy sign of grace; and it is no small mercy to see the way of God with clear vision straight before our face. Errors about duty may lead us into a sea of sins, before we know where we are.


Verse 8.–God’s guidance needed always, and especially when enemies are watching us.

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