Spurgeon PS0511

Spurgeon PS0511


Joy is the privilege of the believer. When sinners are destroyed our rejoicing shall be full. They laugh first and weep ever after; we weep now, but shall rejoice eternally. When they howl we shall _shout_, and as they must groan for ever, so shall we _ever shout_ for joy. This holy bliss of ours has a firm foundation, for O Lord, we are _joyful in thee_. The eternal God is the well-spring of our bliss. We love God, and therefore we delight in him. Our heart is at ease in our God. We fare sumptuously every day because we feed on him. We have music in the house, music in the heart, and music in heaven, for the Lord Jehovah is our strength and our song; he also is become our salvation.


Verse 11.–I. The character of the righteous: _faith and love_. II. The privileges of the righteous. (1) _Joy_–great, pure, satisfying, triumphant (_shout_), constant (_ever_). (2) Defence–by power, providence, angels, grace, etc.

Verse 11.–Joy in the Lord both a duty and a privilege.

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