Spurgeon PS1803

Spurgeon PS1803


In this verse the happy poet resolves to invoke the Lord in joyful song, believing that in all future conflicts his God would deal as well with him as in the past. It is well to pray to God as to one who deserves to be praised, for then we plead in a happy and confident manner. If I feel that I can and do bless the Lord for all his past goodness, I am bold to ask great things of him. That word _So_ has much in it. To be saved singing is to be saved indeed. Many are saved mourning and doubting; but David had such faith that he could fight singing, and win the battle with a song still upon his lips. How happy a thing to receive fresh mercy with a heart already sensible of mercy enjoyed, and to anticipate new trials with confidence based upon past experiences of divine love! “No fearing or doubting with Christ on our side, We hope to die shouting, ‘The Lord will provide.'” EXPLANATORY NOTES AND QUAINT SAYINGS. Verse 3.–“_I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to

be praised_.” Prayer and invocation of God should always be joined with praises and thanksgivings, and used as a means whereby faith shall extract the good which it knoweth is in God, and of which he hath made promise.–^David Dickson.

Verse 3.–“_So shall I be saved from mine enemies_.” Whoso comes to God as he should will not call in vain. The right kind of prayer is the most potent instrumentality known on earth.–^William S. Plumer.


Verse 3.–Prayer resolved upon; praise rendered; result anticipated.


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