Spurgeon PS1815

Spurgeon PS1815


So tremendous was the shock of God’s assault in arms that the order of nature was changed, and the bottoms of rivers and seas were laid bare. “_The channels of waters were seen_;” and the deep cavernous bowels of the earth were upheaved till “_the foundations of the world were discovered_.” What will not Jehovah’s “_rebuke_” do? If “_the blast of the breath of thy nostrils_,” O Lord, be so terrible, what must thine arm be? Vain are the attempts of men to conceal anything from him whose word unbars the deep, and lifts the doors of earth from their hinges! Vain are all hopes of resistance, for a whisper of his voice makes the whole earth quail in abject terror.


Verse 15.–“_The foundations of the world were discovered_;” i.e., such large and deep chasms, or apertures, were made by the violence of the earthquake, as one might almost see the very foundations, or as Jonah calls them, _the bottoms_, or rather, _the extremities of the mountains_, in the bottom of the sea. #Jon 2:6|.–^Samuel Chandler.

Verse 15.–The Lord interposed with the same notoriety of his presence, as when the waters of the sea were driven back by a strong east wind, and the deep turned into dry ground (#Ex 14:21,22|), to give the Israelites a safe passage out of their thraldom, and to drown the Egyptians.–^Henry Hammond.


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