O Lord, our heavenly Father, I acknow-
ledge Thy great goodness toward me, in
granting me another day of holy rest. I
praise Thee for what my eyes have seen, my
ears heard, and my heart felt of Thy mercy
and grace in the privileges of this day.

I am truly sorry for the errors and sins
of this day, and of my past life. I am
grieved that I have so often forgotten Thy
presence, authority, and goodness. Merci-
ful God, pardon my offences; correct and
amend what is amiss in me; and help me to
grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Especially, O Lord, forgive the iniquity
of my holy things. Write Thy laws in my
heart; and enable me to show by a holy, un-
blamable, and useful life, that I have not
enjoyed Thy Sabbaths and Thy worship in
vain. Thus prepare me more and more for
the worship of the heavenly temple, and for
the enjoyment of that eternal Sabbath which
knows no setting sun.

Grant, O Lord, that every evening may
remind me of the near approach of the night
of death, when no man can work. Let a
deep sense of my frailty make me careful
how I live; and amid all the vanity of this
present life, may I be united by a living
faith, and by the power of the eternal Spirit,
unto Him who is the Resurrection and the
Life; so that, though I die, I may yet live,
because He lives, and so escape death and
the bitter pains of eternal misery.

Assist me in carrying out the holy reso-
lutions which I have this day formed,
under the gracious movings of Thy Word
and Spirit.

Thou, who hast all power in heaven
and in earth, accompany the preaching of
Thy word, and the administration of Thy
sacraments, with the influences of Thy Holy
Spirit. Continue to me, and to all Christian
churches, the means of grace and salvation:
and may the saving truths of the gospel be
speedily published in every land, that all
the ends of the earth may hear, believe, and
live forever.

Evermore keep and preserve me, O God
of my salvation, in the midst of all dangers
to which I am exposed, either in body or in
soul; and prepare me, with meek cheerful-
ness and Christian resignation, to receive
my sorrows as well as my joys from Thee;
knowing that health and sickness, riches
and poverty, yea, all things, come not by
chance, but by Thy fatherly hand.

O Thou, to whom the darkness and the
light are both alike, and who dost neither
slumber nor sleep, defend me, I beseech
Thee, from all perils and dangers of this
night. Keep me as under the shadow of
Thy wings; that I may be quiet from all
fear of evil, and be brought in peace to see
the light of another day, refreshed and
rightly prepared for its work.

I ask all in the name, and for the sake of
Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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