O LORD, merciful and gracious Father, I
come to Thy mercy-seat, in humble and
child-like trust in Thee. As Thou makest
the outgoings of the morning to rejoice, so
do Thou make glad my heart on this day of
sacred rest.

Thou, O Lord, art the true and only rest
of the soul, and my heart cannot rest until
it rests in Thee. Grant me this day, not
only the rest of the body, but also some
foretaste of that eternal peace and joy which
shall refresh me, when, after the labors of
this life, I shall awake in Thy likeness, and
be numbered with Thy saints in glory ever-

O Thou, who hast made Thy Church Thy
dwelling-place, and chosen it as Thy rest
forever, and hast taught us in Thy word not
to forsake the assembling of ourselves toge-
ther; regard in special mercy, I beseech
Thee, all those who meet to-day in Thy holy
courts. Manifest Thyself unto us as Thou
dost not unto the world. Bless unto us all
Thine ordinances; and may our worship in
the Church on earth prepare us more fully
for the blessed worship of the Church in

O adorable Saviour, Head of Thy Church,
who hast all power in heaven and in earth,
and who dost send forth Thy servants in
Thy name, to publish salvation and make
disciples to Thyself; sustain the Pastors of
Thy flocks at home, and in heathen lands.
Give them the anointing of the Holy Ghost,
in their ministrations, that they may feed
the flock that waiteth around Thee; comfort-
ing the distressed; instructing the ignorant;
warning the careless; confirming the doubt-
ing; suiting and satisfying the wants of all
from the rich treasury of Thy grace.

Be pleased, O God of compassion, whose
tender mercies are over all Thy works, to
remember this day all ranks and conditions
of men. Succor the needy and oppressed;
protect and cheer widows and orphans; re-
store the sick; prepare the dying for death;
sanctify the merciful chastisements of Thy
hand unto all who are enduring them; and
may the pains of their bodies and the an-
guish of their souls lead them to the exer-
cise of that godly sorrow which worketh re-
pentance unto life, and thus bring unto
them, in the life to come, a far more exceed-
ing and eternal weight of glory, through the
suffering, death, resurrection, and powerful
intercession of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Blessed Jesus, who in the days of Thy
flesh didst take little children into Thine
arms and bless them, and who didst com-
mand that the lambs of the flock should be
fed; do Thou, this day, through Thy fami-
lies, and through Thy Church, call the little
children to Thyself. Cause them to be nur-
tured by Thy renewing grace, that out of
the mouths of babes and sucklings Thy
name may be glorified in the presence of
Thine enemies, while they shall cry unto
Thee: Hosanna, blessed is He that cometh
in the name of the Lord.

Hear now my prayer, O Lord, in heaven,
Thy dwelling-place. Glorify Thyself in all
I do this day; and lead me in that way in
which I shall best escape the pollutions that
are in the world, and attain at last to the
unspeakable joys of the life to come: and
unto Thee, the Father, the Son, and the
Holy Ghost, shall be all honor and glory,
world without end. Amen.

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