This entry is part 8 of 11 in the series THE DEVOTIONS of BISHOP ANDREWS

THROUGH the tender mercy of our
God, the day-spring from on high hath
visited us.

Glory be to thee, O Lord, all glory
be to thee, who didst, as on this day,
create the light, and command it to shine
upon the face of the deep.

How glorious is that light, which af-
fects our senses, the rays of the sun,
the flame of fire, the day divided from
the night, the evening and the mor-

How much more glorious is that
light, which shines in upon our minds,
by the examples of patriarchs, the re-
velations of Prophets, the sweet solace
of holy Psalms, the instruction of wise
Proverbs, the profit and experience of
faithful Histories.

Blessed be thy name for this light,
which no darkness ever overspreads;
this sun, which never goes down! God
is the Lord, who hath shewed us such
light; bind ye the sacrifice with cords,
yea, even unto the horns of the altar.

O thou, who on this day didst rise
again, raise up our souls unto newness
of life; granting us repentance from dead
works, and planting us in the likeness
of thy resurrection.

And thou, O Father and God of
Peace, who didst bring again from the
dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great
Shepherd of the sheep, through the
blood of the everlasting covenant; make
us perfect in every good work to do thy
will, working in us that which is well-
pleasing in thy sight, through Jesus

O thou, who didst also on this day of
the week, send down on thy Apostles
thy most Holy Spirit; take not the same
Spirit away from us, but grant to all thy
servants, who ask it of thee, that they
may be daily renewed, and more plen-
tifully enriched with the same.

O Lord, who by chusing this day for
these most important, most beneficial
events, didst direct thy Apostles, full
of the Holy Ghost, to call it, and to
make it be, thy day, by translating it to
the sacred rest of the Sabbath; to make
this day of the Lord, a refreshment af-
ter labour, an interval of recruit to our
feeble and wearied bodies; a merciful
cessation to servants and beasts, our fel-
low labourers; a constant return of thy
solemn worship, by prayers and praises,
by hearing thy word, and administra-
tion of thy sacraments in the public
assemblies of the saints, and the house
where thy honour dwelleth; and a fi-
gure and a pledge of that better rest
hereafter, which still remaineth to the
people of God: O grant me so to use
these days of rest, and of public wor-
ship in this life, that I fail not of a part
in thy eternal rest, and in the continual
hymns of angels and blessed spirits in
the life to come.

An Act of Confession.

MERCIFUL and compassionate, long-
suffering and patient Lord God, I have
sinned, wretched man that I am, I have
frequently and grievously sinned a-
gainst thee; by trusting to vanity, by
following deceit, and being occupied in
ungodly works, with them that practise

I come not now before thee to cover
or extenuate my guilt by frivolous ex-
cuses; but with full purpose to give
thee glory, by an ingenious and free con-
fession, that I have many ways offended
against thy holy laws. For thus, O
Lord, and thus have I done — [Here
you may be particular.]

Oh! how have I provoked thy Ma-
jesty! and yet thou hast not dealt with
me after my sins, nor rewarded me ac-
cording to my iniquities.

And now, O Lord, what shall I say,
or how shall I open my mouth ? Be-
hold me, without plea, without excuse,
speechless, and self-condemned; for I,
even I, have destroyed myself.

Unto thee, O Lord, belongeth righ-
leousness, but unto me confusion of
face, because thou art just in all that is
come upon me: For thou hast done
right, but I have done wickedly.

And now, O Lord, what is my hope?
Truly my hope is even, truly my hope
is only, in thee.

O let the multitude of thy mercies
triumph over the multitude of my sins.

Remember, I beseech thee, what thy
servant is. I am thy creature; despise
not then the work of thinie own hands:
I am thy image, made after thy like-
ness, and hast thou made thine own
image for nought? For nought, most
certainly, if thou destroy that image;
and what profit can there be in my de-
struction ? They indeed that hate thee,
will rejoice at it; but gratify not them
with my destruction, neither let those
that are thine enemies, as well as mine,
triumph over me ungodlily.

I am the price of thy Son Christ’s
blood, called a Christian after his name,
a sheep of thy pasture; a son of the Co-
venant; look then upon the face of thine
Anointed, look upon the blood of thy
Covenant in him; behold the propitia-
tion set forth for the sins of the whole
world, and be merciful to me a sinner,
be merciful to me the chief, the most
miserable, of sinners.

For thy name’s sake, O Lord, par-
don my iniquity, for it is great, it is ex-
ceedingly, it is unspeakably, great. For
that name’s sake, besides which none
other under heaven is given unto men,
whereby we must be saved; and for the
sake of that Spirit also, who helpeth our
infirmities, and maketh intercession for
us, with groanings which cannot be ut-
tered; for the tender bowels of the Fa-
ther, for the bleeding wounds of the
Son, for the earnest groans of the Holy
Ghost, hear, O Lord, and have mercy.

As for me, I acknowledge my faults,
and my sin is ever before me. These
I remember with anguish of soul, and
complain of, in the bitterness of my
heart: I am truly ashamed and sorry,
and angry, yea I reproach, I abhor, I
mortify, I take revenge upon myself;
full of concern, that my shame, and sor-
row; and holy indignation, are no

Lord, I repent, help thou my impe-
nitence: And be thou pleased more and
more to wound, and pierce, and soften,
this hard heart: And then be gracious
for all that is past.

Cleanse thou me also from my secret
faults, and save thy servant from pre-
sumptuous wickedness.

Magnify thy mercy towards this
wretched criminal, and speak those
words of comfort. Be of good cheer, thy
sins are forgiven thee; yea be of good
cheer, for my grace is sufficient for
thee: Say unto my soul, I am thy sal-
vation; that I may also say, Why art
thou so heavy, O my soul? And why
art thou so disquieted within me? Turn
unto thy rest, O my soul, for the Lord
hath dealt bountifully with thee.

O LORD rebuke me not in thine in-
dignation, neither chasten me in thy
heavy displeasure.

I will confess my transgressions unto
the Lord, O do thou forgive the wick-
edness of my sin.

Lord, thou knowest all my desire,
and my groaning is not hid from thee.

Have mercy upon me, O God, after
thy great goodness, according to the
multitude of thy mercies, do away mine

Lord, arise, and have mercy upon
me; O God, make speed to save me;
O Lord, make haste to help me.

If thou, Lord, should be extreme to
mark what is done amiss, O Lord, who
may abide it? Enter not therefore into
judgment with thy servant, for in thy
sight shall no man living be justified.

Prayer for Grace.

LORD, I will lift up my hands to thy
commandments, which I have loved;
open thou mine eyes, that I may see the
wondrous things of thy law. Incline my
heart to thy testimonies; order my steps
according to thy word, and so shall no
iniquity have dominion over me.

Concerning thy testimonies, I have
known long since that thou hast found-
ed them for ever. Therefore will I walk
in the path of thy commandments, and
will apply my heart to fulfil thy statutes
alway, even unto the end.

O Lord God, be thou my God, let me
have none besides thee, let me love no-
thing in comparison of thee.

Grant me grace to worship thee in
spirit and in truth, to reverence thy holy
name, to serve thee devoutly and de-
cently, with the gestures of my body,
with the praises of my tongue, in pri-
vate and in public:

To render my superiors due honour,
by obeying their commands, by submit-
ting to their government: To love my
family and dependents, by taking due
care of them, by making provision for

To overcome evil with good; and to
possess my vessel in sanctification and

To have my conversation without
covetousness, and to be content with
such things as I have:

To put away lying, bitterness, cla-
mour, and evil-speaking, and all ma-
lice; and to speak the truth in love:

Not to lust with concupiscence, not
to walk with lasciviousness, not to be
captivated with desires inordinate and
violent, of what sort soever they may.

Rules of Caution, or Helps to Obedience: Called by some, THE HEDGE OF THE LAW.

To break the Serpent’s head by
guarding against his temptations.

Constantly to remember our latter

To live soberly, and watch always.

To cut off occasions from the enemy,
who seeks occasions.

Never to allow ourselves in idleness;
nor to converse with vain and disorder-
ly persons; but to frequent, and love
the company of the good.

To make a covenant with our eyes,
and to bring our body into subjection.

To give ourselves much unto prayer,
and to retire from the world, by the ex-,
ercise of penitence, abstinence and mor-

With these thorns, Lord, let me be
hedged about, that I wander not after

Hold thou me in with bit and bridle,
when I would break away from thee.

O thou, who hast invited me, compel
me to come in to my own happiness.

An Act of Faith.

I BELIEVE in thee, O Lord, the Fa-
ther, the Word, and the Spirit, one only
true God:

That all things were created by thy
almighty power and love:

That all have been renewed and re-
stored, by the goodness and mercy, ex-
hibited in the person of thy Word, the
men, and for our salvation, was made
flesh, conceived and born, did suffer,
and was crucified, descended into hell,
and rose from the dead, ascended into
heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of
God; from whence he shall come again,
and judge the quick and the dead.

I also believe that by the illumina-
tion, and powerful operation of the Holy
Ghost, a peculiar people has been cal-
led from all quarters of the world, to be
knit into one society, united, and dis-
tinguished by belief of the truth, and
holiness of life:

That, as members of this body, we
partake of the communion of saints, and
forgiveness of sins, in this world: And,
by virtue of the same membership, do
assuredly expect the resurrection of the
flesh, and life everlasting, in the world
to come.

THIS pure and holy faith, once deli-
vered to the saints, Lord, I believe:
help thou mine unbelief. Strengthen
in me that which is weak, and add to
me that which is wanting.

This faith let me have grace always
to exert and improve; by loving thee,
O Father, in return for thy tender affec-
tion; by fearing thee, O Almighty,
from an awful sense of thy power; by
committing my soul in well-doing to
thee, O most faithful Creator.

Let me seek and attain salvation in
thee, O Jesus, my Saviour; from thee,
O Christ, the Anointed, let me have the
unction of thy chosen; from thee, the
Only Begotten, the adoption, and in-
heritance of the sons of God.

Let me worship and serve thee, my
Lord, on account of thy conception, in
faith; on account of thy birth, in hu-

On account of thy sufferings, in pati-
ence, and irreconcileable hatred of sin;
on account of thy cross, by crucifying
my affections and lusts; on account of
thy death, by dying unto the flesh:

On account of thy burial, by burying
evil thoughts and suggestions, under
the prevailing oppositions of those that
are good:

On account of thy descent, by fre-
quent meditations on death and hell:

On account of thy resurrection, by
walking in newness of life:

On account of thy ascent into heaven,
by setting my affections on things above:

On account of thy sitting at the right
hand of the Father, by preferring the
happiness of heaven in all my thoughts
and designs:

On account of thy return from thence,
by a constant godly fear of that second

And on account of thy judging the
world, by judging myself in time, that
I may not be condemned by my judge:

Let my belief in thee, O Holy Ghost,
be such as may qualify me to partake
of all thy necessary and saving inspira-

Let my faith in the church entitle me
to a part in its calling and election, to
sanctification in its holiness, to member-
ship in its universality, to fellowship
with the saints, by sharing in their pray-
ers and sacraments, in their watchings
and fastings, in their holy sighs and
tears, and if thy providence shall call
me to them, in their afflictions and suf-
ferings; by all these establishing me in
a firm assurance of the forgiveness of
sins, of the resurrection from death,
and of translation to immortal glory.

O THOU, who art the hope of all the
ends of the earth, and of them that re-
main in the broad sea:

O thou, in whom our fathers trusted,
and thou didst deliver them, in whom
they placed their hopes, and were not

O thou, who wast also my hope, when
I hanged yet upon my mother’s breast,
and to whose care I have been left ever
since I was born; be thou still, and
evermore, my hope, and my portion, in
the land of the living:

Confirm my mind more and more, by
the goodness of thy nature, by the en-
dearments of thy titles, by thy types and
thy figures, by thy word and by thy
works; and, having thus attained to a
peaceful resting and reliance upon thee,
Lord, let me not at last be disappointed
of my hope.

An Act of Intercession.

O LORD, on whom the eyes of all do
wait, remember every creature of thine
for good; and visit the whole world with
thy mercy.

O thou preserver and lover of men,
think graciously upon mankind, and as
thou hast concluded all under sin and
unbelief, so let thy pity and pardon ex-
tend to all.

O thou, who for this end didst both
die, and rise, and revive, that thou might-
est be the Lord both of the dead and the
living; since, whether we live, or whe-
ther we die, still we are thine, O Lord;
let thy mercy be ever upon us, both in
life and in death.

O thou helper of the helpless, our
seasonable refuge in the time of trouble,
remember all that lie under any sort of
extremity, and call upon thee for suc-
cour and protection.

O thou, who art the God of grace and
truth, establish and strengthen in thy
truth them that stand; restore the weak,
and raise up them that fall through here-
sies and sins.

Thou, who art the wholesome defence
and strength of thine anointed, think
upon the congregation which thou hast
purchased and redeemed of old; and
let the multitude of them that believe
be of one heart, and of one soul.

Thou, Lord, who walkest in the midst
of the golden candlesticks, remove not,
we pray thee, our candlestick out of its
place; but set in order the things which
are wanting among us, and strengthen
those which remain, and are ready to

Send forth, we pray thee, O Lord of
the harvest, labourers in all points fitted
by thy grace to do the work of that

Thou, who art the portion of them
that wait at thine altar, grant that thy
clergy may always be enabled rightly
to divide, and uprightly to walk in, the
word of thy truth; and let thy people
always be ready, with meek heart and
due reverence, to receive the same at
their mouths.

O thou great King over all the earth,
Scatter the nations that delight in blood,
and command wars to cease in all the

Be watchful over those, whom thou
hast deputed to rule here below: As-
sist and prosper all their righteous un-
dertakings, and inspire into them noble
and good designs, for the advantage of
thy church, and of all thy people, that
they may lead quiet and peaceable lives
in all godliness and honesty.

Thou, who distributest among men
different degrees of power, severally as
thou wilt; grant, that all persons of
eminence and authority, may be as emi-
nent for virtue, and sincere regard to
thy true religion. Fill all our counsellors
with godly wisdom; and let our rulers
do much in behalf of, but nothing against
the truth. Guide our judges and ma-
gistrates in the administration of justice,
to all persons, and in all causes, without
preferring one before another, or doing
any thing by partiality.

Give all thy people grace to live in
subjection to the higher powers, not on-
ly for wrath, but also for conscience

Bless our husbandmen with fruitful
seasonis, our merchants with successful
voyages, our tradesmen with a spirit of
honesty and contentment; our artificers,
even to the meanest, even to the poorest
among us, with grace to follow their re-
spective labours diligently and patiently,
for fair and reasonable profit, and in
humble dependence upon thy blessing.

Furthermore, in regard thou art the
God not of us only, but of our posteri-
ty, extend, we pray thee, thy blessing
to our children; that our sons and
daughters may grow up as the young
plants, and with their age and stature,
may increase in wisdom and virtue, and
favour with God and man.

Thou, who hast commanded a due
care of our relations, and abhorrest the
wretches void of natural affection; be
favourable to my kindred, whether by
blood or alliance: Preserve among us
all peace, friendship, and tenderness;
and make us evermore ready to seek
and rejoice in one another’s good.

O thou, who requirest us to love them
that love us, pour out thy blessings,
great and manifold, upon all my friends
and benefactors; all who have done or
wish me well, many perhaps unknown
to me; preserve them, O Lord, and
keep them alive, that they may be bles-
sed upon earth, and deliver them not
into the will of their enemies.

O thou, who hast pronounced that
man worse than an infidel, who is re-
gardless of his own household; behold,
with thy favour, every person belonging
to this family; yea, let thy peace rest
upon my whole house, and the son of
peace ever dwell in it.

O thou, who hast declared, that our
righteousness must far exceed that of
publicans and sinners; grant me never
to be wanting in kindness and civil re-
spects to all who live peaceably and qui-
etly in my neighbourhood; but to be
cheerful and ready in making suitable
returns of love to all that love me. My
own friends, my father’s friends, and
the children of both our friends, let me
never ungratefully despise, neglect, or

O thou, who hast directed us to over-
come evil with good, and hast expressly
commanded our prayers for them that
persecute us, and despitefully use us;
pardon and bless all that speak evil of
me, all that have hated me with or with-
out a cause; some of them perhaps even
for thy good will, for speaking distasteful
truths or doing necessary justice; but,
whatever the occasion, or the offence
may have been, which, if given on my
part, I entreat thee and them to forgive;
have the same mercy, O Lord, on all
mine enemies, as on myself: And bring
them I beseech thee, to thy heavenly
kingdom, as I hope and pray, thou wilt
at length bring me.

O thou, who acceptest the interces-
sions which thy servants offer up for
each other, remember, I entreat thee,
for good, as well all those who recom-
mend me in their prayers, as those
whom I have promised to recommend
in my prayers; and all who have no
friend to intreat for them particularly.

O thou searcher and knower of hearts,
who acceptest the will for the deed, be
gracious to all them who, through just
and necessary hindrances do not pay
thee the public homage and service of
this day; to all, whom importunity of
business on any other day, leaves less at
leisure, and makes less frequent in the
public or private worship of thee, than
they desire, or endeavour to be; let all
these, O Lord, partake of thy favour
and bounty, as if they had often and ac-
tually prayed. Soften and convert those
hardened foolish hearts, who, through
ignorance or prejudice, contemn thy
word and ordinances; who deride thy
holy religion, and wilfully forbear and
refuse to pray; give them a sorrowful
sense of this evil heart of unbelief, and
preserve others from the infection of
such pestilent examples. And, for a
more effectual check to such daring and
dangerous wickedness, assist and pros-
per all that are employed in any lauda-
ble undertaking, whereby the glory of
thy name, the increase of thy church,
and the good of mankind, may be pro-
moted and secured: Particularly be
pleased to reward an hundred fold, all
who bountifully contribute of their sub-
stance to works of piety and charity.

Arise, O Lord, and have mercy on
all that are in extremity; for it is high
time thou shouldst have mercy on
them, yea, the season of pity is come:
And may thy pity to these be the same,
as I would wish it to myself under the
like extremity.

Once more, therefore, I intreat thee
to look down, gracious Lord, on all
ages and conditions of men, sucklings
and infants, children and young people,
middle aged and declining, old and bed-
rid, the hungry and thirsty, the naked
and sick, prisoners and strangers, those
that have no settled dwelling while they
live, and those who are destitute of friends
to bury them when they die: All of su-
perannuated understanding, of discon-
tented or disturbed minds; all who la-
bour under any temptation to destroy
themselves, who are vexed with evil
spirits, or driven to despair of thy mer-
cy; the distressed in body or soul, the
timorous or faint hearted, the criminals
and condemned to die, orphans and wi-
dows, travellers by land or by water, wo-
men labouring with child, captives and
slaves, in chains, in the mines, or in the
gallies; all that wander about in caves
and deserts, and all that lie expiring in
the agonies of death.

Do thou, Lord, save both man and
beast, for excellent is thy mercy, O
God, and the children of men shall put
their trust under the shadow of thj

The Lord bless us and keep us; the
Lord make his face to shine upon us,
and be gracious unto us: the Lord lift
up the light of his countenance upon us,
and give us peace.

Finally, O Lord, I commit to thy
custody and protection, now, hence-
forth and for ever, my soul and my bo-
dy, my mind and my thoughts, my pray-
ers and all my desires, my senses and
my limbs, my life and my death, my
brothers and sisters, my kindred and
friends, my benefactors and interces-
sors, my neighbours and acquaintance,
my countrymen, and all my fellow

[Note. In this, and the subsequent Act of Inter-
cession for Wednesday, a few verbal alterations
have been introduced into some of the paragraphs,
to accommodate the language to the local circum-
stances of this country. Ed. Phil. ed.]

An Act of Praise.

Let us lift up our hearts unto the
Lord. It is very meet, right, and our
bounden duty, that we should at all
times, and in all places, by all means,
and upon all occasions, remember and
extol, sing praises and give thanks, bless
and adore thee, O God; for thou art
the maker and sustainer, the keeper and
governor, the cherisher and benefactor,
the improver and finisher of all things.

To thee, O Lord, Father and King
eternal, fountain of life and immortality,
treasure of bliss inexhaustible and ever-
lasting; the heaven, and heaven of
heavens, angels, and all the powers
therein, and we poor mortals, sinful dust
and ashes, vile and unworthy though
we be, do yet, laid prostrate under their
feet, beg leave to join in concert with
that heavenly host, and say, the best we
can. Holy, holy, holy. Lord God of
Hosts, heaven and earth are full of the
majesty of thy glory.

Blessed be the glory of the Lord from
his place, for the essential perfections
of his Godhead, his incomprehensible
greatness, his dominion and omnipo-
tence, his eternity and providence, his
holiness and justice, his wisdom and
truth, his goodness and mercy: But,
above all, for the unspeakable riches of
his exceeding abundant grace and love
in Christ Jesus.

I will magnify thee, I will worship
thee, I will serve thee, I will love and
delight in thee, I will entirely devote
myself to thee, O Lord, my strength,
my rock and my fortress, my castle
and deliverer, my helper and defender,
the horn also of my salvation, and my

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