As a good Church member, you will al-
ways prefer the church to which you belong
to all others; enjoy its privileges, and attend
to your duties in connection with it.

The congregation to which you belong is
the first sphere and field of your labor. That
requires your presence, your influence, and
your care. Shall a member of a family not
find his first, principal duties in his own
family? Shall a farmer find his business on
the farm of another? Every member in its
own body — every branch in its own tree —
every child in its own family. So also every
member in his own church.

This does not imply bigotry. It only
shows that you were intelligent in your
choice, and sincere in your professions, when
you connected with the church.

Moreover, we promote the cause of Christ
best, by building up around us. He pro-
motes the interests of the nation best who
does most to elevate his own family. He
best builds up the Church at large, who best
builds up the Church at home. “My son,
why wilt thou prefer the bosom of strangers?”

Our attentions abroad will be misunder-
stood — we do not mean when they are occa-
sional, but habitual. They will act on the
minds of others to the disparagement of the
fold in which is our home. They thin the
attendance upon its worship, cause the un-
stable to waver, discourage the hearts of
those who are regular, and break the ener-
gies and steal away the joy of the pastor. As
it is the glory of a soldier to be loyal, and
in his place in the ranks, so it is the honor
and praise of a good Church member to be
in his place in the church to which he be-




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