The strange thing about Peace and Contentment in the world today…

Peace and Contentment are counter to the machines of the world trying to shape our culture today.  Those machines promote dissatisfaction and unrest, because they make others wealthy and give them power (over you).  If I can make you unhappy with your current car, toy, wife, house, computer, job, clothing, or appearance, then I can get you to spend money and do things I say.

This is a very old trick of deception and manipulation, dating back to when Satan tricked Eve into being dissatisfied with her life and what God had provided.  You'll notice that the end result for Eve was not Peace and Contentment.

A person pursuing Peace and Contentment is disgusting to the manipulating greedy ones – there is too little profit to be had!  The peaceful ones are nonconformists – radicals in this world.  Contented people act as a reminder to the crazed masses of dissatisfied consumers, that life could be better than that constant pursuit and craving for more can ever offer.  The profit machines do not want their slaves reminded of any other Way.

Peace and Contentment is not even that crazed rush to buy gifts for loved ones at Christmas time.  Peace and Contentment is more like the pleasure you find when you sit back and realize what a wonderful family you have – how God is shaping your children, and has been so loving to you – how blessed you are to have the wife or husband you have, and a job to provide for your needs.  These are gifts of the Prince of Peace.  Take a deep breath…and be thankful for what God has provided.  Rest.  Love the ones around you.

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