Most merciful God, our heavenly Father,
regard me from heaven, the habitation of
Thy holiness, and accept the confession of
my sins, with my evening sacrifice of thanks-
giving and praise.

I acknowledge all my unworthiness, and
the frailty and perverseness of my corrupt
nature, through which I daily transgress
Thy just and holy laws. Do Thou, O Lord,
have mercy upon me, and pardon me for the
sake of Jesus Christ, who is my Advocate
with Thee, and the propitiation for all my
sins. May my soul be washed from the de-
filements of this day in His most precious
blood, that I may go to my rest, comforted
by Thy grace, and sanctified by Thy Holy

Kind and gracious Father, I give Thee
unfeigned thanks, for all Thy mercies be-
stowed upon me from time to time: for my
being, and for all my powers of soul and
body; for health, friends, food, and raiment;
and for all other comforts and conveniences
of life: Above all, for Thy tender mercy
and compassion to me, and to all mankind,
in sending Thine only Son into the world to
redeem us from sin and eternal death.

O Lord, take away from me all ignorance,
hardness of heart, and undue carefulness for
the things of this life. Help me to fear
Thee, sincerely to seek Thy glory, and to
put my whole trust in Thy mercy.

Make me mindful that as I have now
come to the end of another day, so the end
of life is at hand; and as I know not the
day nor the hour of my Master’s coming,
grant me grace always so to live, that I may
never be afraid to die; but that living or
dying I may be Thine.

Wearied with the labors and cares of the
day, I come to Thee for quiet and repose,
and new supplies of strength for drooping
nature. Defend me from the terrors of the
night, from the pestilence that walketh in
darkness, and from all manner of evil. Visit
me with the favor which Thou bearest unto
Thy chosen ones, and cause me to rest safely
in the arms of Thy love. When Thou hast
refreshed me by sleep, such as Thou givest
Thine own beloved children, raise me up
again in health and peace. Thus may all
my days and nights be spent with Thee, and
in Thy service, till I awake in Thy likeness,
and reign with Thee in everlasting joy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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