Almighty God, the Father of our Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ, and through Him
our Father, blessed be Thy name, that Thou
hast so graciously protected me this day.
Thy goodness is new unto me every morn-
ing, and Thy faithfulness every night.
Blessed be Thy holy name forever and ever!

O Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father
and the Son, dwell Thou in me as the Spirit
of holiness. Cleanse my heart from all evil
passions and desires, from envy, hatred, and
malice: that I may never suffer the sun to
go down upon my wrath, but may always
retire to rest in peace, charity, and good
will; with a conscience void of offence to-
ward Thee and all men; so that my heart
may be a fit habitation for Thee.

Heavenly Father, let Thy mercy be upon
me, as my hope is in Thee. Bless me in
body and soul; bless me in my going out
and coming in, and in all that concerns me.
Above all, bless me with all spiritual bless-
ings; with a pure heart and a sound mind;
with contempt of the world, and a firm trust
in Thee; with a grateful sense of Thy kind-
ness, and a soul full of love; with a know-
ledge of Thy will, and a desire to perform
it; with the assistance of Thy Spirit, and a
sure and joyful hope of everlasting life,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

With these prayers in behalf of myself,
accept, O Lord, my hearty intercessions for
all mankind. Let the light of Thy gospel
shine on all nations. Be especially gracious
to our own land. Bless all who are in autho-
rity over us. So rule their hearts, and
strengthen their hands, that they may want
neither will nor power to punish wickedness,
or to encourage and support true piety
among us.

Encouraged by Thy goodness, and my
experience of Thy fatherly care during this
day, and all my life hitherto, I commit my-
self to Thy almighty protection for the night.
May I rest in safety, and be quiet from fear
of evil. May my thoughts be serious and
devout when I lie down; and when I awake
may I be still with Thee. Thou Keeper
of Israel, who dost neither slumber nor
sleep, be Thou evermore my guardian; and
when I lie down in the grave, be Thou the
comfort and strength of my heart, and my
portion forever; through the abounding
mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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