Utterances and Prayers proper to be used, when up, and in our Closet

This entry is part 9 of 11 in the series THE DEVOTIONS of BISHOP ANDREWS

BLESSED art thou, O Lord, my
God, and the God of my fathers, who
turnest the shadow of death into the
morning, and renewest the face of the

Who scatterest the darkness by this
return of light, and hast commanded
night to give place to day:

Who hast enlightened my eyes that
I should not sleep in death:

Who hast delivered me from the ter-
ror by night, and from the pestilence
that walketh in darkness:

Who hast unlocked mine eyes from
sleep, and mine eye-lids from slumber:

Who makest the out-goings of the
mornings and of the evening to praise

For that I laid me down and slept,
and rose up again, because thou, Lord,
didst make me dwell in safety:

For that; I awaked, and beheld, and
my sleep was sweet unto me,

Blot out, I pray thee, as a cloud, my
transgressions, and as the thickness of
the morning cloud my sins,

Grant me to walk as a child of light,
soberly, purely and honestly, as in the
day; and this day, in particular, O
Lord, vouchsafe to keep me without
sin: Upholding me, when I am about
to fall; and lifting me up, if I happen
to be down; that I may never be suf-
fered to continue under any provocation,
or temptation, or to have my heart hard-
ened through the deceitfulness of sin.

Let my body also be safe under thy
protection, and defend me under the
shadow of thy wings from the snare of
of the hunter, and from the noisome
pestilence, from the arrow that flieth by
day, and from the sickness that destroy-
eth at noon.

Defend this day from all evil of mine,
and preserve me from ail the evil of this

Suffer not my days to be consumedi
in vanity, nor my years in trouble: But
let each day tell and instruct another,
by some useful improvement in know-
ledge, or practical virtue.

O let me hear thy loving-kindness
betimes in the morning, for in thee is
my trust. Shew thou me the way that
I should walk in, for I lift up my soul
unto thee.

Deliver me, O, Lord, from my [spi-
ritual] enemies, for I flee unto thee to
hide me.

Teach me to do the thing that pleas-
eth thee, for thou art my God: Let thy
loving Spirit lead me forth into the land
of righteousness.

Quicken me, O Lord, for thy name’s
sake; and for thy righteousness sake
bring my soul out of trouble.

Remove far from me thoughts that
are without understanding; and ever-
more inspire me with such thoughts, as
are wise and good, and well-pleasing in
thy sight.

Turn away mine eyes, lest they be-
hold vanity, but let them be fixed on
the thing that is right, and let mine eye-
lids look straight befOre me,

Inclose mine ears with a hedge of
thorns, that no foolish, filthy, or profane
talk may be allowed to enter in: But
let them be open to discipline and wis-
dom, and always give willing attention
to the words of truth and righteous-

Set a watch, O Lord, before my
mouth, and keep the door of my lips;
let my speech be seasoned with salt, and
good to the use of edifying, that it may
minister grace unto the hearers.

Let no work of my hands cause grief
or just offence of heart; but let me be
continually employed in some such ac-
tions, for which thou, my God, mayest
remember me for good, and spare me,
according to the multitude of thy mer-

Into thy hands I commend my whole
self, my spirit, my soul, and my body,
for thou hast created, redeemed, and
regenerated them, O Lord, thou God
of truth:

And, together with myself, all my re-
lations and friends, all my possessions
and comforts; for all these thou hast gra-
ciously given to thy unworthy servant.

Preserve us, I beseech thee, from all
evil, yea do even thou preserve our
souls: And let them be presented be-
fore thy Majesty, holy and unreprove-
able, in the day of the Lord Jesus;

Preserve my going out and my com-
ing in, from this time forth for ever-

Prosper, I pray thee, thy servant this
day, that I may find favour, and be able
to do goody among those that shall con-
verse with me.

Haste thee, O Lord, to my help; be
always at hand to direct me.

O turn thee unto me, and have mer-
cy upon me; give thy strength unto thy
servant, and save the child of thy hand-

Shew some token upon me for good,
that they who hate me, may see it and
be ashamed, because thou, O Lord,
hast holpen me, and comforted me.

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