V. The Christian Motive.

MATT. v. 11. “For My

THE words specially bring before us the relation of the
Christian to his living and loving Lord.
I. Let us seek to get a clearer view of the influence of
the Christian motive.
The Lord Jesus has certain special and peculiar claims
on us.
There is the authority of His Godhead, and the love of
His incarnation and death.
II. Let us seek to get a juster estimate of its range.
1. It bears with full force on our efforts after personal
2. It bears with great effect on the Christian’s work for
3. The principle extends to the enduring of suffering for
conscience sake.
4. It applies with great force to the sacrifices we are
required to make.
This principle has a testing power in it which will reveal
whether or not we are as we profess to be, the followers of
W. M. Taylor, D.D.

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