Victory In Jesus

I Heard An Old, Story, How A
Savior Came From Glory,
How He Gave His Life On Calvary
To Save A Wretch Like Me:
I Heard About His Groaning,
Of His Precious Blood’s Atoning,
Then I Repented Of My Sins And
Won The Victory

Then I Repented Of My Sins And
Won The Victory
O Victory In Jesus, My Savior,
Forever, He Sought Me And
Bought Me With His Redeeming Blood;
He Loved Me Ere I knew
Him, And All My Love Is Due Him,
He Plunged Me To Victory
Beneath The Cleaning Flood

I Heard About His Healing,
Of His Cleaning Power Revealing
How He Made The Lame To
Walk Again And Caused The Blind To See;
And Then I Cried, “Dear Jesus,
Come And Heal My Broken Spirit,
And Some How Jesus Came
And Brought To Me The Victory

I Heard About A Mansion He Has
Built For Me In Glory,
And I Heard About The Streets
Of Gold Beyond The Crystals Sea;
About The Angels Singing,
And The Old Redemption Story,
And Some Sweet Day I’ll Sing
Up There The Song Of Victory

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