What He did, and what He stands for

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The Lord God, Who created all things,
appears to have been eliminated from
your schools, your government, businesses.
Attacked in the arts and in your entertainment.
And through these amazing inventions of
radio, television and the movies,
the devil has planted sinful thoughts, ideas
and alternatives in the minds of the people.
So much so, that Jesus Christ and
what He did, and what He stands for,
And who He is…
… has been lost.

My friends, I urge you this evening,
as I have personally done this past week,
to first reconsider your own relationship
with God, through Christ.

Please be abundantly clear that you have
truly submitted yourself to Jesus,
and received Him into your life
as your personal Lord and Saviour.

We know that Jesus will not save any man he cannot command.
And if you’re playing a game of pretend with the Lord tonight,
if you know deep in your heart you’ve never truly submitted to him,
or if you’re unsure of your standing with Christ –
Now is the time to make yourself right with God by calling out to Christ.

Jesus died for our sins, and to save our
souls from the eternal suffering that is to come.
One final judgement will come upon mankind – and
all those who do not come under the covering of Christ.
And of the Christians here this evening, let us
take this time to renew our purpose and commitment.
To be a people who shall live for Christ,
and to tell others of His enduring act of love.

The truth is that all of us will live forever.
And we will either spend eternity in the presence of our Lord,
or in a place of darkness, the Bible calls the lake of fire.
If you have not, please give your life to Jesus Christ right now.
Your eternity will depend on it.

Paraphrased from “Time Changer”, a 2002 movie by Rich Christiano

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