XCV. The Good Works of the Gospel.

JOHN x. 32. “Jesus answered them, Many good works have I showed
you from My father; for which of those works do ye stone

LET us look at some of the good works of this Gospel of
Christ; and if we mark them thoroughly, we shall find
that they are as convincing as any miracle.
I. The regeneration of individual men. Men have never
yet been able to keep themselves from becoming worse.
But the power of the Gospel has effected this.
II. The elevation of the family. It is capable of the
clearest proof that Christianity is the only thing that has
given purity and loveliness to the household.
III. The inauguration of efforts for the amelioration of
the condition of the masses of mankind. The Lord Jesus
has taught the universal brotherhood of man.
IV. The securing of civil liberty for the people. Wher-
ever it is generally believed, the Bible is the great friend
of freedom.
Why then oppose the Gospel? Shall we be content
merely with forbearing to oppose the Gospel? Must we
not in consistency go further, and accept it for ourselves?
W. M. Taylor, D.D.

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