XCVI. The Tears of Jesus.

JOHN xi. 35. “Jesus wept.”

ON three occasions during His life on earth, we read of
Jesus weeping. First, when He visited the bereaved
sisters of Bethany, next when He wept over the city, and
last when He wept in Gethsemane.
I. Jesus wept in sympathy for others.
1. It is not sinful to weep under bereavement.
2. The Christian mourner may always count upon the
sympathy of Jesus.
3. When our friends are mourning, we should, like Jesus,
weep with them.
II. The tears of Jesus over the Holy City were tears of
pity. They suggest to us two things.
1. The responsibility of privilege. Much had God done
for the nation of Israel.
2. The pity of the Redeemer for the lost.
III. The Redeemer’s tears in Gethsemane were tears of
1. Christians should expect suffering.
2. Do not imagine that you are weak and rebellious
under trial because it makes you weep.
3. Let us learn in suffering the benefit of prayer.
W. M. Taylor, D.D.

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