XLVIII. Simeon.

LUKE ii. 26. “And it was revealed to
him, by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he
had seen the Lord’s Christ.”

WHEN the eyes of this saint once looked on Jesus, he never
wished them to gaze on aught more on earth. We re-
mark :—
I. That God always honours preeminently devoted men.
Undevout minds are too worldly, too apathetic, too dull, to
hear the secret whispering of heaven. The spiritual ear
alone can hear the still small voice that comes across the
universe from the spirit-world.
II. Simeon was a man of preeminent devotion to God.
He had been reconciled to God. His religion was not
mere forms and ceremonies, but devoutness of soul. The
Holy Ghost rested on him, aided him in his devotion, and
guided him into the temple to see the Lord’s Christ.
III. Though Simeon was a preeminently devoted man,
he had great discouragement in obtaining a sight of the
object he so supremely desired. The snows of age were
upon his head, his eyes grew dim, his limbs tottered, but
he still said, “I shall see Him before I die.” Unbelief sug-
gests— How do you suppose that you will be permitted to
see the Lord’s Christ? He so great and you so little.
Are not your sins too great in magnitude and number to
be forgiven? Do you suppose that the sins of an age can
be pardoned in a moment of time—sins that have spread
over years of your life?
The answer to these questions is that eighteen hundred
years ago on the accursed tree Jesus said, “It is finished.”
John Cairns, D.D.

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