XXIV. Hear Christ.

MATT, xvii 5. “Hear ye Him.”

I. WHY should we hear Him?
1. Because God Himself commands us.
2. Because He deserves to be heard.
3. Because the message He has come to communicate
concerns our most solemn interests.
4. If He is our master and our Lord, we are bound to
hear Him. That is an argument suitable for those who
have believed.
II. What are we to hear? The fulness of all revelation
is embodied in Himself. As the sound of many waters
hear this: “God was in Christ reconciling the world to
The Lord Jesus has many varieties of utterance; He in-
structs, He commands, He consoles, He warns.
III. How are we to hear Him?
1. It becomes us to listen with devout reverence.
2. Let us hear believingly. The word of God applied to
the soul by the Eternal Spirit is the voice of Christ.
IV. When shall we hear Him? Evermore. When our
Christian career begins, when we greet Him in the upper
skies. The great matter, however, is that we hear Him
Charles H. Spurgeon

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