XXVIII. Reversals.

MATT. xix. 30. “But many that art
first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”

I. I SHALL endeavour to enforce this saying with respect
to the final judgment.
1. In the judgment of reason, many things that were
first come to be last, and the last first.
2. The judgment of life also illustrates the text.
3. Our text is still more confirmed by the judgment of
4. We turn for the chief illustration of our text to the
judgment of eternity. The final judgment will in many
cases be the opposite of human judgment, because of the
difference of its rule, and because of the difference of its
manner of judgment.
II. I pass on to make a few practical inferences.
1. In view of this just judgment, we may be patient in the
midst of the inequalities and injustice of the present time.
2. Let us be prepared through Christ for this strict and
just judgment.
3. In view of such a judgment, how intensely true we
should be.
4. Let us beware how we seek to be first at that day.
He is most likely to be first who seeks not to be first, who
forgets such seeking in the anxiety of his desire to be and
to do good.
A. G.

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