XXXI. True Fame.

MATT. xxvi. 13. “Verily I say unto
you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole
world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told
for a memorial of her.”

IT is a natural and innocent desire to seek to be honour-
ably remembered. It is hallowed and transfigured here.
Note the things that did not and the things that did move
the Saviour to pronounce this noble eulogy and erect this
abiding memorial.
I. 1. Not the social position of the individual. True
fame independent of our external circumstances. The
honours of His kingdom are not defined by pecuniary
2. Not the intrinsic value of the offering. It was a
valuable offering, still there is something imponderable by
any earthly balance, and it was that which Jesus saw. He
saw her love.
3. It was not the opinion of those present at the time.
Few things are more deceitful than popular applause. Our
Lord did not care whether the multitude cried “Hosanna,”
or “Crucify.”
II. What did move Him to pronounce the eulogy?
1. The motive was right. It was pure love to Himself.
The higher the motive the purer the action. There is
something higher than duty. That is a somewhat cold
and stern mistress.
2. She found an appropriate way of showing her love.
Love keeps invention at work, and brings something fresh
out of every heart in which it operates.
Let us aim at the recognition of our work by God, for
that is as lasting as God Himself.
W. M. Taylor, D.D.

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