A GOOD church member will take a sincere
interest in his fellow-members.

Members of the church stand related to
one another as the different members of the
body. When one member suffers, all suffer
with it. The interest of one is the interest
of all. They will mutually sustain one an-
other. The strong will support the weak.
The intelligent will instruct the ignorant.
The firm will confirm the wavering.

They will cultivate each other’s acquaint-
ance. They will seek to know each other’s
circumstances. They will endeavor to ad-
vance one another’s interests in temporal
and spiritual things. They will bear one
another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of
Christ. This is involved in their very rela-
tions. For this purpose are they nearer to
each other, than to others in the communion
of the church. To this also the Apostle ex-
horts: “Do good to all men, but especially
to the household of faith.”

These things, and many others which we
cannot now enumerate, belong to a good
church member. What a blessing it would
be to the church if this character of a church
member were generally realized! What then
could hinder the prosperity of the church?
Little could its enemies accomplish if all its
professed friends were thus true and faithful
in all their duties. Strive to improve by
these counsels, so shall you be an ornament
to the church, and worthy to bear the sacred
name — Christian!



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