Welcome to DragonRaid!

You are embarking on a fantasy adventure learning simulation. DragonRaid will take you into a new world filled with brave warriors, evil creatures, dragons, and dangers on every side. The situation just presented to you is a sample of one that you might meet in the course of the game.

Perhaps you have played one or more fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons before. Please note that in its most important aspects, DragonRaid is quite different from these games. Since DragonRaid is so different from anything you may have played before, you will need to listen carefully to these rules. Simulated adventure in a fantasy setting is unlike fantasy role-playing, and it is best to leave fantasy role- playing methods out of DragonRaid. There are some parallels, but until new players become familiar with DragonRaid, those of you with previous fantasy role-playing experience should try to forget the knowledge you have acquired, as it will only interfere with your enjoyment and benefits.

As in role-playing games, you will soon create a character and will control all of that character's thoughts and actions. For example, if he goes adventuring and meets an enemy, you can choose either to have him fight or to run away; his behavior is entirely up to you.

DragonRaid requires a group of people who play together as a team. These players will have to learn to work with each other and help each other if they are to be successful. All but one member of the group are players. The remaining person is called the Adventure Master. It is his or her job to tell the rest of you what is happening. He or she will tell you only what you would automatically know in a situation. Consequently, you will often find yourselves in dangerous and unpredictable circumstances just as in real life. You will need to use your resources and your wits to find your way out of those situations.

Please remember that playing DragonRaid is not just for fun, although it is meant to be enjoyable. Its primary purpose is to teach valuable lessons. Therefore, DragonRaid is a complicated game system. You must prepare to spend some time learning the rules and getting ready to play. It may seem difficult at first, but you will be rewarded if you persevere.

Imagine that you are on another planet, far across the universe. The name of this planet is EdenAgain. Like the planet Earth, it is inhabited by humans. You are on the continent of Talania--on a rather small peninsula in the south, to be exact. This portion of Talania is called the Liberated Land, and is inhabited only by those who are members of the TwiceBorn. These are people who have been rescued by the OverLord of Many Names.

The major portion of this continent, however, is known as the Dragon Lands. Dragons, who are fallen angels, rule this vast domain. And they are joined by all kinds of evil monsters called dark creatures. Here also live the dragon slaves. They are human beings who do not know of the OverLord of Many Names and have not yet been rescued.

Sometimes the OverLord calls members of the TwiceBorn to leave the safety of the Liberated Land and journey into the Dragon Lands on special missions. These people are called LightRaiders. In the game of DragonRaid, you are a LightRaider. It is your privilege to leave the comforts of your home and enter the dangers of an unknown land to accomplish a critical mission for the OverLord.

There is competition in this game, but not between members of the raiding party. Instead, you will be competing against powerful forces of evil. You will need to work cooperatively with the other members of your party, as well as with the Adventure Master who has a very big assignment in running the game. There will be many problems to solve and battles to fight.

In a little while, you will be ready to play The LightRaider Test, a very simple adventure to help you get started in the Adventure Learning System. It will not test all of your character's abilities. As such, it will not be as challenging or as intriguing as future adventures when you are more familiar with the rules and methods for playing a character in the game. After you play The LightRaider Test, you will be ready for a more demanding adventure-one that takes about 16 hours, or three to five play sessions. There your wits and character's abilities will be tested.