The night is dark and foreboding. Heavy clouds, revealed by an occasional blinding flash of lightning, hang in the sky. Mysterious noises come from the tangled underbrush in the forest around you.. A sudden dread fills your heart. What makes you so afraid? Once again a brilliant flash of lightning illumines the path in front of you, and what you see makes your heart leap into your mouth. Standing not 20 feet away are three goblins with their daggers drawn. They see you at the same instant. What do you do?


A DragonRaid adventure for an Adventure Master and three to six players.
Play time (for the full game) is approximately three hours.

Copyright 1984, 1995 by Adventures for Christ, a division of
The Lamb's Bride Project, P.O. Box 8240, Colorado Springs, CO
80933. All Rights Reserved. E-mail to: Dragonraid Support

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