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Recipe Name: Almonds Tasty Ideas Submitted by: Administrator
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Ethnicity: Last Modified: 2/22/2014
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Preparation Time:
Number of Servings: 1

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The mild flavor of almonds is the perfect complement to vibrant Asian
flavors. Try tossing finely diced toasted almonds into a ginger-shrimp
saute' or adding toasted whole natural almonds to Chinese. More tasty
ideas. Whether you're serving salad or soup, pasta or poultry, almonds
are a natural and healthful addition to any menu. With their excellent
nutritional profile, almonds can be a part of an overall balanced
diet. Here are some heart-healthy tips for incorporating wholesome,
crunchy almonds into your diet: Make "nut crumbs" by adding whole
toasted almonds to the bowl of a food processor and pulsing on and off
until the almonds are coarsely ground. Use them as a wholesome gratin
topping for casseroles, or sprinkle on pasta and grain dishes.
Bursting with flavor, savory seasoned almonds are the perfect topping
for your favorite side or main dish. In a nonstick skillet over
medium-low heat, toss whole natural or slivered almonds in a small
amount of vegetable oil until golden. Add your choice of dried herbs,
then sprinkle over salads, vegetables and pasta. Mix toasted slivered
or sliced almonds into grain-based dishes, such as Middle Eastern
classic tabbouleh or other bulgur wheat salads to add flavor,
nutrition and crunch. Or pair them with quinoa, hailed as the "super
grain of the future" for its healthful nutrition profile. The mild
flavor of almonds is the perfect complement to vibrant Asian flavors.
Try tossing finely diced toasted almonds into a ginger-shrimp saute or
adding toasted whole natural almonds to Chinese vegetable stir-fry
dishes. Almond butter is a nutritious and hearty topping for bagels or
muffins. And, it's easy to make at home by chopping whole natural
almonds in a food processor with a little vegetable oil, salt and
sugar until almost smooth. Visual appeal is important in low-fat
cooking. Make a prudent parfait look sinful by layering frozen yogurt,
pureed frozen berries and toasted sliced almonds in an elegant stemmed
glass. Or, make individual trifles by adding layers of cubed angel
food cake. Garnish with sprigs of mint, sliced almonds or whole
berries, and serve with almond biscotti. The buttery flavor and
crunchy texture of almonds make them a perfect topper for freshly
baked low-fat scones and breads. Before baking scones, brush them with
milk or egg white and top with slivered or chopped almonds. And for
extra special quick breads sprinkle chopped almonds on them before
baking, or knead toasted chopped or slivered almonds into yeast bread
dough. To give hot cereal just a little more panache, mix in dried
cranberries or cherries and a generous amount of chopped toasted
almonds just before serving. Serve with skim milk and a drizzle of
maple syrup. Satisfy your palate while watching your waistline by
steaming your favorite fresh fish and vegetables and sprinkling them
with toasted, sliced almonds. Serve with wedges of lemon or lime. You
get all the flavor and all the benefits of a healthy, low-fat meal.
Plain roasted chicken is enhanced by stuffing it with diced apples,
onions, garlic, herbs and coarsely chopped, toasted whole almonds. See >Hanneman/Buster/MasterCook 1998/Ap
Recipe by: Almond Board of California Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by
KitPATh <> on Apr 08, 1998

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