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Recipe Name: Any-fruit-will-do Muffins With Streusal Topping Pt1 Submitted by: Administrator
Source: Source Description:
Ethnicity: None Last Modified: 2/22/2014
Base: Comments:
Preparation Time:
Number of Servings: 12

1/3 Cup(s) Brown sugar or granulated
White sugar
1/2 Teaspoon(s) Ground cinnamon
1 Tablespoon(s) Butter, unsalted
1/2 Cup(s) Finely chopped walnuts
2 1/2 Cup(s) Unbleached white flour, up
to 2 3/4 cups
1 Teaspoon(s) Baking soda
2 Teaspoon(s) Baking Powder
1 Pinch(s) Salt
1 1/3 Cup(s) Firmly packed light brown
2/3 Cup(s) Vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon(s) Minced lime, lemon or
orange zest see note
1 Egg
1 Cup(s) Buttermilk
2 Teaspoon(s) Vanilla extract
1 3/4 Cup(s) Loosely packed fruit, see
For the topping, mix sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl or work bowl
of a food processor, add butter. If mixing by hand, use fingertips, a
pastry blender, or 2 forks to blend the fat into dry ingredients until
mixture looks like coarse irregular crumbs, with no visible lumps of
fat. If mixing in a food processor, pulse about 10 times, then process
5 to 10 seconds, until there are no visible lumps of fat-, stir in
nuts and set aside. For the muffins, adjust oven rack to middle
position and heat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease the top surface
of a 12-cup muffin pan- use liners, if necessary. Whisk 2 1/2 cups
flour with next 4 ingredients in a medium bowl-, set aside. 3. Whisk
together next 4 ingredients in a large bowl-, whisk in buttermilk and
vanilla. Gently whisk dry ingredients into wet ingredients to
partially blend. Continue mixing batter with a rubber spatula, making
sure that ingredients at the bottom are incorporated into batter fold
in fruit. (Frozen fruit will help "firm" up batter. If batter seems
too wet add a few more tablespoons of flour, up to 1/4 cup-to stiffen
batter.) 4. Using an ice-cream scoop, place a portion of batter into
each muffin cup, filling to the brim. Sprinkle a portion of streusal
topping over batter in each muffin cup. 5. Bake 15 minutes-, reduce
heat to 350 degrees and bake until muffins are golden brown and spring
back when lightly pressed with fingertips, 12 minutes. Let muffins
cool in pan for 5 minutes then transfer them to a wire rack. Serve
warm or at room temperature. Makes 1 dozen. Cook's Illustrated,
Sept./Oct. 1993,Page 8. Credit: Stephen Schmidt. Nationality: USA
Season:any Courses: batter bread, breakfast Method: baked Start to
Finish 1 1/2 hours Preparation 10 minutes Attention 1 hour Finishing 5
minutes Converted from Mangia!, Cook's Illustrated 1993-1995 Cookbook
NOTES : To simplify muffin making, quadruple the streusel topping
recipe and freeze. Orange, lemon, or lime zests can be used to flavor
the muffins, if you like. Lemon works well with blueberry-, orange
zest with cranberry or rhubarb-, lime zest with banana chunks.Almost
any fruit works in this recipe. Good choices include: fresh or frozen
rhubarb, diced-, cranberries, coarsely chopped-,blueberries-, apples,
cut into small dice-, bananas, cut into firm,small chunks-,
raspberries-, strawberries, quartered or cut into small dice-, dried
sour cherries or cranberries. To prevent delicate,highly colored
fruits like raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries from getting
mashed and discoloring the batter, use semi frozen fruit. It is not
necessary to use paper baking liners if the muffin tin is commercial,
glazed, or nonstick. continued in part 2

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients)
Calories: 277
Calories From Fat: 150
Total Fat: 17.1g
Cholesterol: 18.9mg
Sodium: 242.2mg
Potassium: 135mg
Carbohydrates: 26.6g
Fiber: 1.7g
Sugar: 4g
Protein: 4.9g

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