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“Ida Mae” Stewart1965

“Ida Mae” Stewart
Given names
Mae Stewart

Death January 29, 1965

Burial 1965

Last known location: mississippi in 1960. Ida Mae Stewart Atkins was married to Leroy Astor (Roy) Atkins, b. 02 Feb 1912 in Fernbank. Alabama on April 22, 1933. They had two sons, Leroy Scott Atkins(b. 1934) and James Stewart Atkins (b. 08 Mar. 1946). Mae and Roy were divorced soon after the birth of James, probably in 1947. Roy married Helen Zenith Lewis and they had a son, Danny Dean Atkins, b. approx. 1950. Mae died 29 Jan 1965 and is buried in Alabama. She was married several times after divorcing Roy Atkins and was estranged from her sons for a long time.